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What do we do?

Preparation of tax returns for US inpatriates and expatriates around the world. Consulting before, during, and after the process. Handling of any matters regarding US tax officials (IRS). Check out our latest featured article here.

"Very simple process. They were very informative and helped every step along the way"

Nicolas C.
American Citizen living in the U.S.

"After many years of stressing over my U.S taxes while living in Argentina, I finally found Primetaxonline who quickly and painlessly helped me navigate all the requirements and get all my taxes in order quickly. All for a reasonable fee. Thanks for helping reduce my level of anxiety!!!"

Alex B.
American Expat living in Argentina.

"I have been doing my taxes with them for years. Highly recommended."

Barbara S.
American Expat living in Chile.

Service Listing

Special prices for W&T packages
Form 1040/ 1040NR
Income wage statement (Form W-2)
Interest and dividend earnings
Includes STANDARD package
Maximization of mortgage and tax deductions
Charitable contributions deduction
Includes Premium package
Stocks, bonds, ESPPs, and other investments
Application of ITIN and corresponding documents for filing eligibility
*For expatriates only: Optimization between Foreign Tax Credit and Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
Foreign Bank Account Report to US treasury
An additional fee of 20 USD applies for any additional account
Whether or not our services apply to you
Analyzing of tax residency and filing status
Analyzing of previously filed tax returns
Clearing of any doubts or concerns regarding US tax matters
Advisory on the most efficient steps to take

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